Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ellie and I spent her first Spring Break in London with my sister and her family. We had an awesome time and enjoyed what Sarah swears is the best London weather she has experienced since she has lived there. Thanks to the Whits for hosting us! Can’t wait to go back!!


We got there on Saturday and Sarah made us stay up so we would adjust to the time change. We hauled all of the kiddos down to the London Eye.


Ellie waiting for the Eye.


Eating ice cream after the ride :-)



We were there for both Brett and Baby Drew’s birthdays. We went to Brett’s party on Sunday, it was tons of fun!


Sarah and Baby Drew, he is SO big!



Ellie and I spent Tuesday being TOTAL tourists in London. We rode the double decker tour bus around all day. It was a super cold and rainy so no one fought us for the top floor of the bus.





Wednesday we went to Windsor, watched the changing of the guards and tried on hats.



The weather was so nice that we spent an hour laying outside of Windsor Castle.


Ellie mad friends with two girls who had bubbles. They were nice enough to leave Ellie the bubbles when they had to leave.


Thursday Ellie and I went to the Natural History Museum. She decided that their butter croissants are her new favorite food.


We were so, very, very sad to leave on Friday, Brett’s birthday. Here he is showing off his new set of golf club.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meggie and Mama

As most people know, Meggie is my kiddo. She wants her mama about 98% of the time. We get each other, we make each other all better. Almost every night she has a little dance around bed time. She goes to bed, then I go to bed and she comes in my room telling me her belly hurts. She says the only way her belly will get better is if she sleeps in my bed. Annnnd….I always let her. I love snuggling with her and she’s such a little lovey. Then, Chris comes to bed and puts her in her room. I know, it’s not perfect, but I don’t care because I love it and it does something good for my soul. Last night was no different, but we took some pictures.





Hello Again!

Obviously, I have been horrible at updating the girls blog. After comments from a few family members (don’t worry, I didn’t mind and didn’t take it the wrong way) I realized that people, actually, still read the blog. Yay! So, here we go. I am back to posting and giving updates on out little family. Ellie picked the new blog color, not surprisingly it’s pink.

We had a great Christmas in Missouri. No pictures, sorry. But, when we got back Ellie lost TWO teeth 16 hours apart. She was very excited about the tooth fairy visiting and even more excited when she found the moula under her pillow.

She wanted to keep her tooth, so she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking as much.MHS_7373.e1


With the finished letter:


Showing her one missing tooth. You can see the other one barely hanging on. That one fell out Tuesday morning (and the tooth fairy almost forgot to leave money Tuesday night….oops).


A  semi-family shot in the girls room. Ellie LOVES her top bunk!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Day out on the Town

Ellie starts kindergarten on August 9th, so we are spending these last two weeks doing a few fun things for her.

On Wednesday I took her to the Georgia Aquarium then we met up with Chris for lunch at Yeah! Burger (it's supper yummy, if you haven't tried it already I highly recommend it.).


The Jellyfish are my favorite. I could watch them for hours. Their water was kinda dirty, but they were still beautiful!



Ellie refused to look at me to let me take her picture, so this is the best I have at the aquarium.


She was super happy to see Daddy (well, we both were).



Playing with Daddy's goatee.


And, the obligatory Sunglass shot. This is one of my favorites!


And,  I have no idea what she is doing here...but she is still cute!      

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ellie the Magician!

Chris has been teaching Ellie a few magic tricks. They are so hilarious!

Here are a few other pictures of the Sears Family Happenings:

Katie The Dog got roped into some Princess Play


I had a pile of laundry to fold that was taller than I am. This happens a lot, but I wanted to capture the excitement of one Sunday night.


Meggie didn't eat what I made for dinner one night. Chris came to rescue when get got home, giving her a bagel while he read her a story.


We had to pick up a prescription at the Pharmacy and Chris told Ellie they were "listening" pills. She was very disturbed by the idea, this is her having a mini-meltdown about it in the car.


Meggie in the Target parking lot.


My beautiful Meggie!


After lunch at Shorty's, so yummy!


A disclaimer: These are the clothes Chris put the girls to bed in. They didn't want to change the next morning and I didn't make them. But, they don't normally dress like this in public. Still, they are SUPER cute!